The victims of the hunting

This morning, in a café, the sport magazines weren't available so I took a newspaper just looking through the pictures, reading a few headlines.

Doing so, one headline popped up to my eyes: "Hunting ended in tragedy". A 12-year-old boy, was mistaken for a wild boar and shot by a group of hunters. It is evidently a tragedy and I'm very sorry for the child, and his parents in spite of everything.

But then, reading the article, I saw the words of some lady from some association claiming that the hunting needs more regulations so that the hunters can better practice their passion.

At that point I stopped and observed myself: blood pulsing hard, the vein on my neck getting bigger, and, crossing my mind, the image of my hands closing around the neck of the mentioned lady, whom I don't even know.

What to say?!? Hunting is a passion. Sure

A passion, though, that kills innocents! As if the animals were simply objects for the entertainment of the "passionate" hunters. As if their shots wouldn't cause pain, as if the mothers of the killed animals wouldn't suffer, as if the shock and the fear that these animals have to deal with every day because of this "passion" wouldn't mean anything.

But then newspapers only report the painful numbers of the human beings fallen for the mistakes of these "passionate" people. Hunters that I just call killers, because this is what they are: unaware killers who feel joy in giving pain.

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